Physical Health

Many ‘diets’ focus on the physical body – however, this is only one piece of the puzzle.

In my practice, I believe in nourishing our bodies with WHOLE FOODS & letting go of restriction (everything is okay in moderation).

We must learn to RECONNECT with our bodies inner wisdom, listen to its whispers and help reduce physical symptoms by caring for our body.

“The secret to thriving is the knowledge that we are never simply victims of our bodies. It’s very reassuring to know that we all have within us the ability to heal from anything and go on to live joy-filled lives.”  Christiane Northrup

Treat your body with kindness…

Exercise is not meant to be a punishment or a chore.

MOVEMENT is medicine. It is an act of kindness to our body as we move our energy around and release any stagnant energy. I encourage my clients to start small, and work your way to more activity daily. I promise you do not need to commit to hours at the gym to create positive change. Our bodies LOVE walking, hiking, swimming, running, biking, dancing – whatever you enjoy, do that!

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