What If…

  •  You knew exactly what to eat and felt empowered to make educated choices about what’s on your plate…

  • You no longer felt the need to diet and lose weight….

  • you had unshakeable confidence and felt comfortable in your body…

…without overwhelm, feeling restricted, giving up chocolate, missing social events or counting calories?


Who I Work With

  1. Women who are sick of dieting and ready to take control of their health and make peace with their plate so they can live a more fulfilled life.
  2. Chronic yo-yo dieters who feel like they’ve tried everything and nothing works for them.

Why I Am Different

🥑  I am not about restriction and calorie counting. I believe we should ENJOY our food and walk away feeling nourished and satisfied, always.

🥑  I’ve coached many women before you who have completely transformed their outlook on weight-loss & food.

🥑 I’ll help guide you to accomplish goals every single week & keep you on track.

🥑  I teach you how to confidently fill your plate without spending money on fancy supplements and ‘health food’ gimmicks

🥑  I support you with LIVE interactions 1-2x per week, as well as unlimited daily support.

🥑  I am 100% results-driven – you get lifetime access to the material AND support.

🥑  I’ll teach you how to improve your mindset to overcome your mental blocks.

🥑  I care deeply for your inner fulfilment, happiness, and holistic transformation.

How It Works

When you sign up to work with me, we’ll start off with a one-on-one phone call to talk about your health goals. From there, we will develop a customized plan to move you through the following steps.

STEP 1: Lifestyle Audit

In Week 1, Bring awareness to your current habits & lifestyle. We’ll reveal the root causes of your self-sabotage and other behavioural patterns that prevent you from reaching your goals. More importantly, we will create a detailed vision for your life (goals) & connect to your WHY so we can implement new behaviours in alignment with your highest self.

STEP 2: Nutrition Foundations

Discover your current belief systems around food. Explore why diets don’t work & let go of the many diet rules picked up over the years. You’ll understand protein, carbohydrates, fats and why you need them ALL. You’ll learn the value of adding in rather than restricting & cutting out. You will feel confident filling your plate at home, while you’re at events and even on vacations!

STEP 3: Identity Awareness

You’ll begin to take ownership over the way you think/feel/react currently (without judgement). You are simply observing your patterns. You’ll discovers why specific environments/situations/people are triggering you & how this connects to your relationship with food. Learn to protect your energy & set up boundaries to ensure you’re on the road to success with massive mindset shifts.

STEP 4: Managing Stress, Sleep & Gut Health 

You’ll learn how to identify how stress shows up in your body and how it affects your ability to lose weight. You’ll understand why sleep is important and how it is connected to weight gain. You’ll have actionable steps to improve your sleep & minimize your stress. You’ll learn why gut health is important for both your physical AND mental health.

STEP 5: Reinforce New Patterns

This phase will allow you to reinforce new patterns & habits you’ve built to ensure you have permanently shifted your lifestyle. You’ll understand the process of growth & retraction so you are not discouraged by different seasons of healing. We’ll reflect on your new belief systems, accomplishments & progress so you can leave this program feeling deeply connected and ready to embrace your highest authentic self.