Cassidy Neiser

I’m a Registered Health & Nutrition Counsellor. I struggled with PMS, depression, self sabotage, self worth and extreme eating for many years. After falling in love with holistic health and transforming my own life, I made it my mission to help empower busy women to improve their relationship with food, break-free from self-sabotage and quit yo-yo dieting for good!

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.  – Jim Rohn

My philosophy

Diet culture has taken over our society. It’s time to give up the diet mentality and get off the yo-yo rollercoaster.

Your worth is not determined by your size.

Stop counting calories. Eating doesn’t need to be complicated.

Let go of restrictive eating. No food is off limits.

Focus on adding in healthy foods and let the not so great foods naturally move out of your lifestyle.

Food is energy.

Treat your vessel with love and respect by fuelling it with high vibe, nutritious foods.

Qualifications to Coach




NutraPhoria School of Holistic Nutrition

Deep dive into the profound relationship between lifestyle, nutrition, and overall health focusing on a MIND/BODY/SPIRIT approach to health.


Academy of Culinary Nutrition

After falling in love with holistic health, I wanted to grow my confidence in the kitchen. CNE program did just that! It gave me an understanding of meal planning & recipe developing which I could pass on to my clients.


Institute of Integrative Nutrition

This was my introduction into holistic health. Before IIN I had no idea the connection our food had with our mental, physical and spiritual health. My healthy journey began here.

Personal Experience

Classic Yo-yo dieting

Chronic Dieter

I grew up in a house where dieting was normal. I watched my family as they switched between their ‘skinny clothes’ and their ‘bigger clothes’ as the seasons changed. We were constantly cutting carbs, or fats, or whatever the latest trend was and as soon as one of our parents gave up on the diet, those foods quickly crept back into our routine.

  • All or nothing attitude
  • On a diet, or off the rails. No in between.
  • Good Food vs. Bad Food

Naturally, I mimicked these eating habits as I grew into my adult years.

Both ends of the spectrum, restrictive eating to binge eating

Obsessive Eating

During my early 20’s I went from restrictive eating (thanks to the Bodybuilding scene & diet culture) to uncontrollable binge eating

  • This experience was painful and took a lot of time to heal this part in my journey however I am grateful I experienced it so I can help other women with similar experiences
  • I am passionate about ditching the diet mentality because I cannot get these years back. All of the missed social gatherings and events simply because I could not be around food. Don’t let that be your story.

Struggled with Self Confidence & Self Love

Lack of Self Worth

My worth was always connected to the number on the scale.

  • When I first became a Nutrition Coach, I believed I needed a 6pack in order to give advice and help others. I set an incredibly high expectation for myself which didn’t align with who I was or how I wanted to live my life.
  • Always searching for external validation in all areas of my life.

Through self love & self discovery I was able to move into alignment with my highest self.