Hi, I am Cassidy Neiser!

I am here to help you Make Peace with Your Plate so you can stop yo-yo dieting, for good!

Who I am What I do

Hello and welcome

If you have landed on this page you are probably looking for some guidance on your HEALTH & WELLNESS JOURNEY.

I am so HAPPY that you stopped by! I am here to HELP you fall IN LOVE with a healthier life style and LEARN TO LOVE the body which you live in!

My promise to you is to do this without feeling restricted or counting calories! 

Stick with me, and together we will help you get off the diet roller coaster, for good!

About me

I am a Registered Health & Nutrition Counsellor and Culinary Nutrition Expert.

My Philosophies


Nourish your body with delicious, high vibe foods which suit your needs. We are all different. Nutrition should never be a one size fits all scenario. You should always enjoy what’s on your plate!

Weight Loss

I believe weight loss is a happy side effect of taking care of our mind, body and soul. Together, we will ditch the scale (you can do it!) and create better markers in your life for how you feel in your body.


Mindset is everything. Together, we will discover your limiting beliefs, core values and work towards letting go of negative self talk. It’s time to silence the inner mean girl and raise your vibration.


Exercise should be enjoyable. If it feels like chore, it’s time to find you a new form of movement. You do not need to commit to hours in a gym, however it is important to move our energy with exercise.

Work/Life balance

All work and no play isn’t good for anyone. Creating a life with a happy balance is crucial for our mental & physical health. Remember, this balance looks different for everyone.


Our relationships are important for our health. This includes lovers, friends and most importantly our relationship with self.

You should also know…

This is not a diet or a quick fix.  This is a journey through inner work to create transformation. If you are ready to dig deep and ditch the diet mentality once and for all. I’m here to hold your hand and walk with you on this radical journey towards a healthier, happier version of YOU.

Get in touch now

Working with a Coach is a big decision, and sometimes asking for help can be hard.
If you’re curious about my program, let’s chat and get to know each other better so we can see if our frequencies vibe together.