When I read this testimonial,

my eyes filled with happy tears. I AM SO PROUD of this woman.

She is not the same girl I met 3 years ago – she’s really grown into owning who she is.

Take a moment to read her journey <3

Torey Barfoot

2022 Client Transformation

I hit that jackpot having Cass as not only a best friend but also as a Holistic Health Coach, to help support me through my relationship with food and my body image struggles. 

Often times when we struggle with our insecurities around body image and our relationship with food we can feel like we are alone in it and that no one will understand. Opening up to Cass about my struggles I quickly realized I wasn’t alone and that so many other women struggle just as I have. Working with Cass has been the best thing I ever could have done. She has helped me realize all the misconceptions around food and that years of external factors such as social media and others views of what an “ideal body” should look like has influenced my relationship with food and my own body image. 

For years I spent hours in the gym and struggled with my relationship with food and thought that that was just the way it was in order to have the body I thought I wanted/needed to have.  Connecting with Cass and sharing my strugggles I realized there was another way, one I hadn’t ever considered. EATING MORE FOOD AND LOSING WEIGHT. I truly thought she was crazy, how could eating more food and not stressing about missing a gym session be what my body actually needed and desperately wanted. I started my meal plan with Cass and I shared with her my anxiety and stress about eating more food than I ever had. She encouraged and supported me through it all and I am so happy to say that I’ve never been happier and more comfortable in my own body. Cass not only works with you for your relationship with food but also helps you go deeper and work with you through your struggles around body image and shift your mindset.

It wasn’t easy but with her help and support I am happy to say I now feel more comfortable in my body than I ever have and no longer struggle with what others think. Don’t get me wrong, I still have bad days but with the tools Cass has given me to get through those bad days I’m always able to shift my mindset back. I now choose workouts that I like doing rather than spending hours in the gym where I thought I had to be in order to lose weight or maintain. I now enjoy my workouts and choose ones that I’m excited about and don’t stress about the days where I don’t workout at all because life happens and there isn’t always enough hours in the day to do everything. 

Leading up to my wedding as many brides are I was stressed and anxious about how my body would look in my dress and my mindset leading up to the wedding day and falling back into a negative view of my body and unhealthy habits to achieve the perfect body for my wedding day. With Cass’s help I was more comfortable in my body than I ever had been before and no longer stressed myself out over missed gym sessions leading up to my wedding and maintaining the amount of food I needed to be eating for my body. Cass has been a game changer in my relationship with not only food but with myself. I felt the best I ever had on my wedding day. I no longer was focusing on what I looked like in my dress but rather enjoying every moment of the day with all of the people that I love, making memories we will have forever. 

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