Make PEACE With Your Plate Through SELF LOVE and Self Discovery

If you have landed on this page you are probably looking for some guidance on your HEALTH & WELLNESS JOURNEY.

I am so HAPPY that you stopped by! I am here to HELP you fall in love with a healthier life style and LEARN TO LOVE the body which you live in!

We All Have Our Own Story

Hi, I’m Cassidy Neiser, a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Culinary Nutrition Expert. I work with clients both online and at my office in Ontario, Canada.

I help empower busy women to take control of their health, break free from self-sabotage and quit yo-yo dieting for good!

I don’t take life too seriously. Smiles and laughter are who I am, now. I struggled with PMS, depression, self sabotage, self worth and extreme eating for years. 

When doctors wouldn’t listen to me, I enrolled in nutrition school because I had a deep knowing my diet was causing havoc in my body. I then made it my mission to LISTEN to others and help heal our root causes.

Fall Into Health

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