In the past 6 months I’ve made a major pivot in my coaching business.

Fitness is where my love of healthy living began. However, it’s a slippery slope for many.

From the moment I peed on the stick I was BOMBARDED with targeted FB and IG ads “How to have a BELLY ONLY pregnancy”


➡️ #1 As someone with previous EDs, this is a MAJOR TRIGGER.

➡️ #2 After a major life altering event occurred, I was battling PRENATAL DEPRESSION. Anyone who’s gone through this knows you do not need to be bombarded with stressing about what you look like when there’s a battlefield in your mind.

➡️ #3 “Morning Sickness” got me good. I spent the first 3 months struggling to get food into my body. This meant I had zero energy or strength to even think about working out —> CUE THE GUILT as I “should be” exercising🏋️‍♀️

➡️ #4 After being told I couldn’t have kids 3 years ago, I was incredibly thankful to see that positive sign.

These advertisements cause more fear & anxiety – trust me, there’s enough stressors in early pregnancy.

This messaging is SUPER DAMAGING to not only the mom but possibly the baby as well.

If I let the triggers of diet culture spiral me into old patterns & beliefs that I have to “have a belly only pregnancy” I might not be carrying a healthy baby.

Does this mean I’ve stopped helping clients who are focused on aesthetics & strength?Absolutely not.
I have many repeat clients who THRIVE with meal plans for strength & performance.

What it means is I am living in ALIGNMENT with a non-diet approach with my clients.

My 12 Week Transformation program focuses on helping women feel EMPOWERED to ditch the diet mentality and learn to lose weight EFFORTLESSLY without counting calories, feeling restricted or overwhelmed. 🙌🏼

Nutrition & Health isn’t strictly about our PHYSICAL bodies. We also need to focus on on our MENTAL, EMOTIONAL & SPIRITUAL well-being.

If you’re interested in letting go of dieting let’s chat! Visit my CONTACT PAGE

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