My Philosophies


Nourish your body with delicious, high vibe foods which suit your needs. We are all different. Nutrition should never be a one size fits all scenario. You should always enjoy what’s on your plate!

Weight Loss

I believe weight loss is a happy side effect of taking care of our mind, body and soul. Together, we will ditch the scale (you can do it!) and create better markers in your life for how you feel in your body.


Mindset is everything. Together, we will discover your limiting beliefs, core values and work towards letting go of negative self talk. It’s time to silence the inner mean girl and raise your vibration.


Exercise should be enjoyable. If it feels like chore, it’s time to find you a new form of movement. You do not need to commit to hours in a gym, however it is important to move our energy with exercise.

Work/Life balance

All work and no play isn’t good for anyone. Creating a life with a happy balance is crucial for our mental & physical health. Remember, this balance looks different for everyone.


Our relationships are important for our health. This includes lovers, friends, source and most importantly our relationship with ourself.

What is Health Coaching

Holistic health is all about looking at the WHOLE picture. This is a MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT approach to health.

Many of my clients enter my office looking for nutrition advice, and it quickly spirals into deep talks about our relationships, career, spirituality and more. When was the last time you had an open and honest conversation about your health without worrying about judgement? My office is a judgement free zone. I will share my vulnerabilities with you because I can guarantee I’ve been where you are now. You don’t have to do this journey alone.

If you vibe with my frequency and you are feeling called to connect, you are ready to Make Peace with Your Plate through Self Love and Self Discovery.

You should know…

I am not about restriction and calorie counting. I believe we should ENJOY our food and walk away feeling nourished and satisfied, always.

I fell in love with Health Coaching because I love helping women feel empowered by their food choices so they can let go of fad diets and the ‘next best diet’ floating around cyber space.

Together we will leave the diet culture behind and learn what works for your body, mind and spirit.

Make Peace With Your Plate

🥑12 Week Transformation Program
🥑 In-depth initial consultation to review health history and life goals
🥑 12 -weekly coaching sessions/check in’s
🥑 Access to my food journal program (reviewed daily)
🥑 Full support for the entire program through direct messaging which is checked daily
🥑 Online weekly modules
🥑 Meal Guide
🥑Recipe book with over 40 delicious, nourishing, easy recipes for the whole family to enjoy
🥑 Ongoing access to program to review at your own time

What Past Clients Are Saying

“Eating has always been a stressful thing for me, afraid of it, the thought of it, and the stigma around it. It was my drug of choice to cope with any emotional event in my life. Cassidy is a genuine individual and understood where I was coming from. Not only did I feel a connection with Cassidy right from the beginning, she also hit a chord with me, one that allowed my eyes to open. We started making small changes and all of us (family) easily adapted without even blinking. Cassidy’s commitment to her clients is refreshing and her knowledge and passion of what she believes in is exceptional. Cassidy has been an inspirational part of my growth and understanding of food and it is individuals like herself that we need more of in this world.” – Nicole Markland

“Cassidy’s ‘Make Peace with Your Plate’ program totally delivered on its promise. I went into the 12 week program hoping to learn a couple new recipes and maybe lose a couple pounds – but I got so much more than I expected. I finally know how to eat – I conceptually knew what a balanced meal was, but I was still too cautious with fats.
Cassidy showed me how to prepare meals that were filling. I finally feel like I can plan meals in a way to eat completely instead of minimizing calories.
The coaching Cassidy provided along on the way was so helpful. It was reassuring to know other people had been where I was on days where I felt defeated or frustrated. She nudged just the right amount to keep me moving forward and helped get rid of my all or nothing mindset.
She has set me on a journey of small improvements – each week a small lesson with achievable homework helped me build a number of great habits. At first 12 weeks sounded so long! Now I can’t imagine I ever thought I could achieve something great in less time.”
– Holly Goodings

Discovery Call


Your health is personal and you have to trust the certified practitioner you choose to take this journey with.
I invite you to book a free call to see if we are a good fit for each other.
We will discuss your primary health concerns and I will share more about my approach to healthy living. You will leave this call knowing exactly what to expect from me and my programs. LET’S CONNECT!

I will be your personal cheerleader on this health journey. Are you ready to answer the call? Your higher self is waiting.