Avocados were not a part of my upbringing. You would have never found one of these green things in our home. I honestly don’t think I even saw someone eating one until I was in Australia a few years ago. So don’t be afraid to try something new! Even if you tried one a few years ago and didn’t like it, try it again! Our taste buds evolve and sometimes you assume you dislike something just because of the way it was made or presented to you the first time.

Facts about Avos

Avocados are a nutrient dense fruit which fit into what ever nutritional guide lines you are trying to follow!

They may be a classified as a fruit but avos are extremely low in sugar (which is AWESOME!)

Avos make an delicious spread for toast, sandwiches, etc

They are know for guacamole and dips but can be used in baked goods as well!

Avos make things creamy (add some avo to your morning shake for a thicker consistency!)

Avocados are a great source of healthy fat and fibre!

They are great for your eyes (thanks to all the lutein, zeaxanthin, and antioxidants)

Avos are great for a quick snack! Some people enjoy eating them with a little sea salt, cracked pepper and a spoon. (I’m not quite there yet!)

The opportunities are endless with avos! You can grill them, eat them raw, bake them, etc.

Bananas are known for their potassium right, yet avos have more potassium than bananas. How did that happen!? Switch out your bananas for a much healthier option which will help you reach your health & fitness goals!

A Few Ways to Incorporate Avocados Into Your Life

  1. Add them to smoothies! This is great for anyone who cant get past the texture of avos. Toss it in your smoothies and you will have a super creamy ‘milk shake’!

    Try this recipe: (Not going to lie, I basically invent a new flavour everyday. I tend to use what ever is in the fridge for my smoothies but here is one to try out the avo with!)

    1/2 avocado, 2 tbsp hemp hearts, 1/2 cup frozen blueberries, 1 scoop vanilla protein, Almond milk to desired consistency – optional spoonful of almond butter. Enjoy!

  2. Baked Egg Avos – super easy and delicious!
    Find a medium size acocado and cut it in half. Remove the pit and spoon out a decent amount of the inside (save this for the top of your eggs after they are baked). You will use small to medium size eggs (avoid using large eggs as you will end up with a mess in the oven!)

    Crack an egg in each half of the avocado. Add any spices which you like (I personally use Flavor God seasoning) and bake for roughly 15 mins in the oven at 425 degrees. Keep an eye on the eggs as you know how you like your eggs cooked!

    Top with Franks Hot for some extra flavour. – This is a great breakfast if you are on a low carb diet such as the Paleo Diet.

  3. I eat a lot of simple meals with fitness as my focus. For example, my pre-workout meal usually consists of ground turkey, sweet potatoes, broccoli and avocado. This allows me to hit all food groups so my body is able to workout to its full potential!
  4. I find avocado also goes great with tuna! Try making a tuna & avo sandwich.. yum!

Once you start incorporating avocados into your life you will soon see the possibilities are truly endless! If you are like many people who cant get past the texture.. start with the smoothies! Also you can head over to my other blog post for my Cream Avocado Pasta Recipe!

Tell me, how do you eat your avocados?

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