Vulnerability is something so many of us shy away from. When really it is an important part of human connection. Being vulnerable allows us to put ourselves out there and receive the help or guidance which we desire.

Society has unfortunately made vulnerability be seen as a weakness but I for one know that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Think about the last time you truly connected with someone.. because of your ability to be vulnerable with each other, you were able to connect on a much deeper level.

Yesterday, I watched Ronda Rousey on Ellen and I simply was blown away. This is a woman who is known for her strength and her tough girl attitude. She definitely caught me off guard when she shed a few tears while discussing her loss to Holly.

Ronda spoke from the heart about her suicidal thoughts after the fight and to be honest I got a little choked up watching it. Vulnerability is about having the courage to speak the truth and show who you really are. Ronda could have easily pulled off the tough girl persona once again and acted as if it was no big deal, but instead she took the high road and spoke up about her struggles both mentally and physically after the fight.

Ellen made a great point that this simple act of vulnerability will reach out and help so many people who are struggling with depression. If someone like Ronda can admit to wanting to end her life right before finding the good in her defeat to help her move forward in life then you can most certainly find a light through your darkest times!

Everyone is battling their own demons.. Show some vulnerability; you never know who’s life you might save.


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