What a week!

My vibration was ridiculously high this week which was no coincidence considering SUMMER SOLSTICE was on Wednesday!

For those of you who don’t know the summer solstice is the longest day of the year (meaning the sun is up in the sky longer than any other day of the year). It is the first official day of summer and it is a time to celebrate the light of consciousness. It is a time to reflect upon the potential for consciousness to awaken both in ourselves and within everyone else!

Sometimes, I am just so fascinated with how incredible our universe can be.

This week I honestly could not stop smiling. Even my boss took notice and asked me what was going on and I truly had no answer other than “I’m just in a really good mood”.

There was no explanation for this good mood other than I just felt like things were right where they were suppose to be. It was though my stars were aligning. This is a feeling which I have not felt in a LONG time.

I had several weird ‘coincidences’ this week (however, I don’t believe in coincidences but that is the best way to describe it for others).

A few months ago I applied for an opportunity to collaborate with some pretty awesome spirit junkies at a women’s retreat and didn’t receive a chance because I was too late. However, this week I received a message from the retreat leaders that the original person had back out so I now have an interview at the next month.. AWESOME!

I had old friends reach out for the first time in a long time after I’ve been thinking about them and having dreams about them recently. We had some really good genuine feel good chats and it was wonderful!

I’ve been seeing dragonflies EVERYWHERE and for those of you who know me, you know that these are my connection to my spirit guides.

I also had some clients REALLY open up to me this week which took me by surprise but yet also completely fit in with my spiritual awakening this week. Sometimes we learn the deepest lessons from someone we barely even know.

Have you ever been listening to someone and then just think to yourself “I wonder what made this person start talking about this to me?.. how did she know that I would be open to this and completely understand what she is talking about?” That was the moment I had. Then I saw the look in her eyes and knew she needed this conversation maybe even more than I did, yet I was so grateful that she had reached out and connected with me.

Growing up with a mom who was a minister, people assumed I grew up in a ‘religious’ household. The truth is, I grew up with a strong spiritual presence. One I was encouraged to explore and I was never judged when I shared my experiences with my mom, even when they scared me or I didn’t understand them.

Spirituality is something that a lot of people shy away from talking about.. but for me, it’s something I could stay up sitting under the moon talking about our thoughts, theories and experiences all hours of the night. I find it so fascinating and it truly ignites my soul as it leads me in this wild life!

I realized this week just how beautiful life can be.

Sometimes, when you are living your days feeling like you are on autopilot just going through the motions.. you have a quiet moment to just reflect and wonder why you are doing this? What’s the point of this life? What’s the point of going to work everyday? Is there something more out there? Am I missing out on something else?

And then..

Moments like I had today happen. You make a connection with a total stranger that struck a cord in you and even brings tears to your eyes and fills your arms with ‘goose bumps’. That’s when you realize that being at work, going through the motions of your everyday work isn’t pointless. It does matter.

Sometimes, you can change someones day or even life, just by being there to listen. Being a smile they see when their day is not going so well.

Be that breath of fresh air on another rainy, hot and muggy day.

If you put out positive energy and good karma’s out into the world… the universe will return the love to you.


Thank you for reminding me of why I am here, why I wake up everyday and why spreading love, light and happiness in this world is so important.

I love and accept your guidance always,



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