In a blink of an eye, summer is over. This season was FULL of LOVE, CHANGE, LEARNING, FRIENDS and FAMILY. My heart is truly happy.

For the first summer in a long time I let go of my routine, I let go of my meal plan, I said YES a lot more than I said NO. I packed my schedule with friends and family. I made the most of our FIRST SUMMER in our new house and I embraced plans instead of to-do lists.


I did this because everyone needs a break! I know my fall/winter will have me in full blown business mode as I open my first brick and mortar space. Since I know myself well, I am aware that I have an all or nothing attitude (which can be both a blessing and a curse)! With this in mind, I decided to take the step back and just enjoy life before diving deep into my career and fitness goals.

Letting go of a meal plan doesn’t mean going crazy and over indulging everyday. See what happen was this summer I was working a landscaping job which was intense physical labour for 12 hours a day! This meant I had a much higher calorie expenditure, which allowed me to eat more than I could during my office days.

I consciously decided to take advantage of this!  

September will be a month of DETOXING for me.

  • Pulling the reins back in on my nutrition and workout routine (which won’t be hard thanks to the NEW BADASS FACILITY I get to train at EVERYDAY! (@crossfit_shallow_lake
  • Putting my business first, which means more discipline aka saying NO and OPENING THE DOORS to my NEW office space as part of the SHALLOW LAKE HEALTH TEAM


I am.

Let’s do this!

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