In the beginning of 2022, I had a strong desire to get off social media. My mind continuously played tricks on me — telling me I wouldn’t be able to delete it, I’d miss out on friends lives, and I wouldn’t be able to get new clients if I wasn’t consistently posting.

The truth is, I was overwhelmed in motherhood and the toxicity of negative news and mindless scrolling was contributing to my PPMD (postpartum mood disorder). I was craving more alone time, more silence and less distraction. I could feel in my soul that I NEEDED a break from socials.

It was time. I deleted Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest from my phone as these were my culprits of scrolling mindlessly.

In the first 24 hours, I realised just how much I reach for my phone! I kept catching myself scrolling through my apps subconsciously searching for the instagram logo. I couldn’t believe it — this really was an addiction to social media.

For the next few days I found myself deleting old photos, deleting emails, and ‘making room on my phone’ which felt good at first – felt productive. Then it hit me – this was my way of still having my phone in my hand because I could no longer scroll.

After the first week it felt liberating — it was officially out of sight, out of mind.

Even after one week I felt more peaceful. My main purpose for taking this break was to be more present and I was shocked how quickly this occurred. It was an exciting few weeks watching my daughter crawl — I felt like I was fully present for this major milestone and was having a lot more fun with intentional play time.

Not being on my phone gave me more of the silence I was craving to just BE with myself & my thoughts.

After a few weeks I was checking off many projects on my to do list — I finished my taxes, I printed photo albums, organise our basement and donated lots of clothes and books. It felt SO GOOD to be getting things done which I had been putting off.

The best thing of all —  the sensory overload from all the bright colours & singing toys I’ve been experiencing with parenting decreased.. It’s funny how I didn’t realize how much the scrolling & watching videos contributed to sensory overload. I find myself more patient with all Letty’s noise when there’s less distraction around me – huge win!

My husband & I also found ourselves talking more, enjoying some board games and going for more family walks as we weren’t caught up in our phones. What a beautiful gift from one small change in our lifestyle.


This time away let me say BYE to the comparison (other moms, relationships, businesses, etc), no more reading negative toxic posts & comments, let go of the news COMPLETELY and lived in my own bubble for 6 glorious weeks.

This time away gave me more intentional ME TIME. I started reading again, journaling more consistently and even joined the gym.

Bonus of this social detox — I was worried to walk away from socials because this is where I find most of my clients — and to my surprise, the universe rewarded me for following my souls call and as I spent time refilling my tank, more clients flooded my email. 

Trust the nudges. Take the break.
You will be rewarded. Make more time for YOU & everyone around you wins as you show up more intentional for them.

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