I have a confession to make… I haven’t worked out for more than 1 day a week in over a year and a half… 

This may shock you but hear me out..

First off, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves when we are in the health & wellness space.

Before I was pregnant I always thought I’d work out my entire pregnancy as all the #fitpregnancy posts I saw before me..

Reality hit – Gyms were closed for lockdown & I was very sick the beginning of my pregnancy and then I was so incredibly tired for the rest..

My body was busy creating a human and I felt I needed to allowed it time and space to do just that.

After Letty was Earth side, I was in a pretty dark hole.. 

Getting out of bed felt like an accomplishment, there was no way I was getting to the gym. 

(I know I know, physical activity is great for our mental health — But, sleep deprivation and postpartum depression had me feeling like it was a struggle)

Last fall, I joined a baby moms workout class — which was incredible, but only once a week. 

Here’s the thing though… 

Sometimes I think we get hung up on ‘WORKOUTS = WEIGHTS’

It’s not like I was doing NOTHING.. 

I was keeping a baby alive.. and chasing her around as she’s been BUSY since she was 6 months old, crawling then fully walking by 10 months, and running at 13 months. 

WALKING with the stroller & HIKING are my main source of MOVEMENT. 

I walked almost DAILY with her for the last year.

I gave my body time to rest. My body LOVED this time to recover from years of crushing my soul & endearing injuries at the gym.

I honoured the season of life I was in.

I found more JOY in walking in silence outdoors than I ever had previously in a loud gym with banging weights all around me. 

This week, I found myself in the studio, lifting kettlebells and I feel READY to be back in this space more consistently. I loved the energy of the others around me in a very non competitive & supportive way. 

All this to say, listen to your body.
Honour the season you’re in..

You can make great changes to your health without stressing about ‘not having time’ for the gym.

What form of MOVEMENT do you enjoy?   

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