2 Week check in:

Well, these past two weeks have been an absolute roller coaster (I am ready to get off anytime now, thanks). However, I am thrilled to see how many people have reached out and asked me questions about why I decided to go off the pill.

Since my last post, I realized just how little information people actually know about IUDs and other contraceptives. We are brainwashed from such a young age that the pill is the most reliable birth control yet there are so many variables that contribute to its effectiveness.

Several friends have been shocked when I’ve said my IUD is non hormonal. A few friends have said “my doctor didn’t even tell me there was a non-hormonal option?”. Others have said that they thought IUDs were really expensive.. umm no.. My IUD costs a small fraction of the price I spent on the pill! There are other methods that are more expensive however they are completely natural. For me the IUD was just a step in the right direction.

I attached a short video to this article which is done by the Red Tent Sisters & Meghan Telpner. This is where I first heard about different methods of contraceptives just over a year ago.

My Progress

It is evident that my body is detoxing from the pill. One change I have noticed is an increase in my appetite! I just can’t seem to stop snacking… I am just so hungry in between meals. I’ve also noticed that I am completely exhausted. I have been working two jobs and in school for the past year and I some how manage to have the energy to do it with a smile on my face but not lately. For the past two weeks I have been struggling to keep my eyes open past 8:30pm. This has been very inconvenient but I know I have to listen to my body and help it through this process!

I know this journey won’t be easy but I do know that it’ll be worth it! I am one step closer to being me… hormonal free!

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