“You’re crazy. You haven’t thought this through. Don’t make any drastic decisions. Sleep on it a bit. How could you do that? It’s so irresponsible.” These are just a few of the statements I heard on a regular basis.

I think with my heart and I listen to my gut.

To some, this may be a foreign concept, but for me… this is life.

No, I don’t walk on the path society has left out for us.. I tend to veer off into the unknown trails and mark my own paths. For a lot of people this can seem scary… the whole fear of the unknown.

However, for me.. MY FAITH IS STRONGER THAN MY FEAR. When I have that gut feeling and it won’t stop nagging at me… I know what I have to do. LISTEN.

At the end of 2017, I walked away from the safe and ‘secure’ corporate world. That 9 to 5 grind that gave me a steady and desirable paycheck which came with full benefits.

Others around me seemed to think this was a ludicrous idea.

Yet I left that rat race to pursue my PASSION. I now have the pleasure of HELPING others everyday.

Somedays I still get comments like “you left the bank for this!?”. My response is always an “I sure did.”

You know why?

My heart is truly happy now. Everyday, I get to lend a hand and be a part of someone’s journey. I get to make a DIFFERENCE in someone else’s life.

Last week, I had a man come into the gym and before he left he had me in tears. Tears of joy as I felt an overwhelming amount of inspiration and a deep sense of ‘I’m right where I am supposed to be’.

This fairly overweight gentleman walked in. I could sense his nervousness as he said very quickly “I’ve never been in a gym before. I don’t have a clue where to start but I know I need to. Can you help me?”

I took one look at him and simply said.. “I am SO PROUD of you for walking through our doors today.. You know that was the hardest part right?” – He lit up like a Christmas tree with a huge smile as though he had never heard those words before.

As our conversation went on, I was full of joy.. Conversing with him to find out his WHY. Why was it important to him to get in shape? What was going to be the drive for him to keep coming back?

By the end of our conversation I could see how fired up he was so I asked when I could book him in for his first complimentary training session.

He suddenly backed up into his nervous state and quietly said he was waiting for his gym clothes to arrive in the mail as he had ordered some online since the stores didn’t make gym wear that fit him.

His answer caught me so off guard. I could feel my eyes starting to water. I have never experienced this myself, so it is just something I have never thought of.

Immediately, I knew I had to switch this back to a positive conversation and pull myself together so I told him how inspired I was by the fact that he had already ordered his clothes before even walking into the gym to check us out!

By the time we were done, I told him just how happy I was to have met him.

Now, everyday that he walks through our front doors for another workout, my heart feels a sense of warmth as I smile and let him know how great it is to see him.

This is just one of the many inspiring people I have met.

When I ‘clock out’ of work, I leave with a sense of pride. I am truly grateful for the connections I get to make and the inspiration and motivation I get to share with so many others.

All thanks to my intuition and listening to that feeling inside, I found my way through the unknown… which led me right where I am supposed to be.

Have you been thinking about quitting your job? Or leaving your relationship? Do you have nagging thought that just won’t leave your mind?





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