Cottage Gives Me All The Feels

Spending the weekend at the lake had me full of mixed emotions. Something about water always makes me feel calm and at peace.

Yet As I laid on the dock, I began reminiscing of all the weekends spent here over the past decade. Remembering the ones who have come and gone in our lives and shared this special place with us.

Fishing with old friends, building a shed with my Grandpa, canoe rides that ended with us in the water, my first time wake boarding and water skiing, and the countless nights filled with laughter as we played spoons.

It’s funny how a place can hold such happy memories and yet bring so much sadness all at the same time.

As I watch my little cousins play, I am sad for them as I realize how lucky I am to have spent 26 years with our Grandpa.

While feeling down, my quivering lips slowly turns to a smile as my heart melts while I watch Joe laughing away as he plays with the little ones.

Although this weekend was hard, this cottage has brought so much joy to my life. I am so grateful for this home away from home which brings us all together year after year.

I will hold my memories close.
Thank you for everything Grandpa xo

Published by cassidyneiser

Cassidy is a Certified Holistic Health Coach (IIN) and Culinary Nutrition Expert (ACN) who has a passion for teaching. Cassidy struggled with PMS, depression, self sabotage, self worth and eating disorders for years. After discovering the influence diet, nutrition and life style has on both your mental and physical health, Cassidy made it HER MISSION to help women find their self worth and break free from self-sabotage so that they can live a VIBRANT, HEALTHY LIFE.

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