Hi there, I am Cassidy Neiser, Culinary Nutrition Expert and Holistic Health Coach. I have been on my wellness journey for 5 years now and I am currently running my own coaching practice which allows me to share my love and passion for healthy living.

To pay it forward I am sharing my LOVE for the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program with you!

Meghan’s program truly changed my life and I bet it can change yours too! 

 Have you been searching for the PERFECT program to take you passion for Health & Wellness to the next level?

Are you feeling OVERWHELMED with all the options of different programs out there?

Do you feel lost with all the different career avenues in the health & wellness world?!

I know EXACTLY how you feel.
When I was searching for a nutrition program, I felt as though my options were endless.

I also wasn’t clear on what my end goal was so it was hard to choose a program.
I knew I had a passion for holistic health but I couldn’t commit to a program which would take years and only had one outcome, for example: a nutritionist or dietician. Heck, I am still not clear on my path and which direction I want to go, but what I do know is the Academy of Culinary Nutrition opened many doors for me to explore.

For my business I have been focussing on teaching workshops and cooking classes to share my knowledge and passion which I gained through the CNE program while also working with clients one-on-one to design custom meal plans to suit their lifestyle and dietary needs.


Each assignment in the Culinary Nutrition Program program built on top of the last one.. by the end of the program I had complete packages for my ideal clients dealing with specific conditions. I also had a workshop planned and ready to go!

Meghan’s program gave me the confidence I needed. Even after already obtaining other certifications I felt the CNE program truly launched my dream. I had tangible action steps!

The CNE program is the only program I know of that truly covers EVERYTHING.

Even if you are completely new to the nutrition world and just feel as though it is something you are interested in, I can guarantee you will learn more than you would have ever expected!

Fellow class mates have used their CNE certifications to become food bloggers, recipe testers, authors, menu developers, owners of wellness centers, personal chefs, catering companies and much more!

Your options are truly endless and this program allows you to explore different aspects of the nutrition world to see what ignites your fire.

The Culinary Nutrition Expert program is different from any other program because it bridges the gap between learning and actually being able to turn around and TEACH the information.

It is easy to learn as much as you can about nutrition but it is not so easy to get others to learn, understand, and even jump on board with different theories. For example, learning what is good for your body is easy… anyone can do it. Google is overflowing with information on what to eat and what not too eat.

Therefore, handing someone a list of foods to eat, and foods to avoid simply wont be that beneficial, it is not enough for them to succeed. This is where the Culinary Nutrition Expert program leaps far above the rest.

Meghan teaches you not only HOW to cook with those ingredients that are necessary for optimal health, but while also explaining to you WHY they need to be included in your diet.

Therefore when clients come to you freaking out about the list of foods they must now avoid which was given to them by their doctors, or another practitioner.. you can take all of your knowledge and confidently teach them how to start incorporating different foods into their lives and be that bridge for them between the scary unknown and the new and easily achievable lifestyle which their body needs!

I am truly grateful for the KNOWLEDGE and CONFIDENCE I received from the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program. The organization of the program was truly impressive! Meghan and her team at the Academy of Culinary Nutrition are incredible! Not to mention the AWESOME like minded people you meet during the course of the program. The #CNEtribe has been super supportive and it is such a great experience to learn from others while all on a similar journey.

I HIGHLY SUGGEST you take a moment to check out the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program.

CLICK the link below to see what Meghan and her team have to offer!

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If you have any questions about my experience & the program feel free to reach out! I’d love to help 🙂
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