REAL TALK: This is not a rant. It is simply words spoken from my heart that people need to hear!

Women at work always seem to be hassling me for ‘being healthy’. Yesterday morning they had a big waffle breakfast for our recent achievements. I chose to go to the breakfast, and I simply chose not eat because although I appreciated the gesture from our boss and thought it would be nice to socialize, I didn’t want to eat what was being provided.

This is where I decided to keep my comments to myself, because it is THEIR choice to eat a waffle that came from a box of preservatives and unknown chemicals along with fake maple syrup (come on people! we live in CANADA. We have an abundant about of amazing natural maple syrup all around us!)

Anyway, I chose to keep those thoughts to myself and not comment on how they were eating poutine for the 4th time this week on lunch break; yet here they are always nagging at me about how I need to ‘live a little’; making me feel uncomfortable on a daily basis.


This is why I am putting together challenge groups for women who simply don’t get the support they need from the people around them in order to succeed. We are surrounded by so much negativity in our daily lives that of course it is hard to say no to those brownies when everyone is around you saying “Oh just have a bite; its not going to kill you; live a little; you could use a few brownies”.

I’m not perfect, I eat what I want. What people don’t realize is that I have had a huge shift in my mind (and believe me it has taken me a long time to get here). I no longer look at those waffles as a “treat” or a “reward”, simply because I know they are not doing anything but harming my body. I choose to reward my body with dense nutrient foods which allow me to feel great and have more energy to enjoy life! I want to be in the best shape of my life for my future kids; so I have the energy to run around with them, take them on day trips and simply be there for them wherever they need me! I want to be able to stand by their side feeling proud in my ‘mother of the groom’ dress because I have treated my body with love and respect it deserves! This is what keeps me going every day. I know my future self will thank me for the small steps I currently take each day.


Lets face it, change is hard. Especially when those around you fill your head with doubt!

If you want to make a change, come join me on this journey! DECIDE TODAY that enough is enough. Nobody has to live in your body but you, so TAKE CARE OF YOU!

I will be here to cheer you on because I WANT to see you succeed! Don’t be afraid to reach out, because asking for help is a beautiful & courageous act that will change your life forever! xo

PS. If you read this and realized you are one of those people who pick on someone who is trying to improve their life. Knock it off.

THIS IS ME. Happy, healthy me!

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