Somedays I really wonder how women go through their entire lives with the pressures of society constantly on them.

Today I was chatting with an older woman who was absolutely radiant. She looked happy as could be and was truly glowing. Yet the first words out of her mouth, to my surprise were “what ever you do don’t get old” – and let me just say I CAN NOT count the amount of times I hear this statement in a week. Mind you, I do live in a ‘retirement community’ (most likely because I am an old soul and I fit in here) but it still shocks me the amount of people who make growing old and even retirement sound DAUNTING.

However, the part that was so surprising to me was the fact that I had already taken notice of her natural beauty before we began conversing.

It was almost as if she felt my energy or perhaps I had a puzzled look on my face (I am not one to hide my emotions) but she suddenly changed gears and went on to say “actually.. the best part about getting old is not having to care about my looks, my weight, or my clothes… now there is just complete FREEDOM for me to be me! There was so much pressure before and now no one cares!”

Now believe me when I say, this woman was beautiful and beaming with happiness! I could tell she meant every word and it showed that she truly was free and feeling complete bliss as her golden sun-kissed skin sparkled.

For the rest of the afternoon I couldn’t shake my thoughts… why is it that women wait until their 60’s to feel that sense of joy, love and happiness within. Why do we give in to the outside pressures of society?

Who decides whether you are too fat, or too thin, or care too much about your looks, or care too little about your looks. Do you really need to buy the latest fashion trend? Perhaps you love your old shirts that have gone ‘out of style’. WHO CARES.

Regardless of your age… I wish for you to consistently work towards being IN LOVE with yourself and everything that you are.

I think it is time for us all to dig deep and find our self worth.


As per usual, THANK YOU universe, and THANK YOU to the random woman that I encountered today for another reminder of just how great it is to be happy & confident in your own skin.

IF YOU ARE STRUGGLING with self love or self worth PLEASE contact me. It is my mission to help women like you, find their self worth and break free from self-sabotage so that they can live a HEALTHY, HAPPY and VIBRANT LIFE.


PS. I chose the picture for this blog because almost a year ago this photo was taken… and I was COMPLETELY uncomfortable posting it because of the inevitable ‘armpit fat’ that was showing in it. We have been brainwashed into thinking we need to be picture perfect. The truth is.. the girl in this photo was SO HAPPY. I was on the best vacation I have EVER had with people who I truly LOVE with all my heart and soul. Instead of celebrating that happiness, I was turned off from posting photos because of how I looked in them.

“A beautiful face will age and a perfect body will change, but a beautiful soul will always be a beautiful soul.”
We must stop being so hard on ourselves and cherish our time here. I am truly grateful for this body that houses my soul and sometimes, even I need a gentle reminder of how incredibly amazing our bodies are, even when they are not ‘perfect’!

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